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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Submission and Surrender

Submission and Surrender are the two means through which we can progress and attain layaawasta and realisation of the ultimate,the final goal of human life.

I would like to emphasise here, that whatever i shall speak here, today should be practised in your daily sadhana for your spiritual advancement.

Only after having a practical experience of its effectiveness can you appreciate it's significance .

Sri Babuji always emphasised that Submission is comparatively difficult than Surrender.However he never theoretically never explained to me , what submission really meant. When and how should it be made? what sort of condititons and experiences the abyasi passed through when he attempted submission to him.

I was intending to speak to you all on this aspect since long, so that a craving for the same may also devlop in your inner.Today i can'nt restrain any longer the reason being that when a child gets something unique he/she naturally desires and becomes impatient to tell about it to all her brother's and sisters. Similarly i would like to share this with all of you and probably Sri bauji maharaj also wants me to explain this aspect to all his abyasi children.

Submission in hindi means 'Atma Nivedan'. Abyasis consider it to be an offering of all their material wealth, either physical or mind related which find and expression externally.

Master has revealed to me what it really meant through succesive divine experiences , how significant it is .

'Atma Nivedan' really means 'Offering of self' or 'I' to sri babuji maharaj, the 'I' which is offered is free from all worldly bondages, physical & material. It is infact that 'I' or 'self' is linked to the soul.

A submission from 'ATMA', when filled in completely with the feeling that is from the heart, becomes natually automatic & effortless.

This is infact a divine blessing which the abyasi receives from Sri Babuji maharaj as a reward for his inner submission.

Sri Babuji maharaj said 'be submissive to your goal which is the key for the brightest spiritual advancement. To narrate my own spiritual experience in such a condition, i may tell you that at this stage it appears that i belong to someone else-to Sri Babuji maharaj , and gradually this feeling becomes a reality and i say 'he is mine' and ' i'am his '. Then the words, i can speak before him are simply this,'whatever i'am, how so ever i'am, i'am yours.Thereafter, the above feeling and our daily routine of life,both get gradually mergedand drowned in his shower of lovein such a way that the real meaning 'I' is also forgotten and whatever are uttered susequently, they appear to be flowing from 'ATMA' which itself speaks that 'i'am your's. that is the real condittion of 'atma nivedan'.

The other unique aspect of subission is that this physical body loses it's significance of name & form and subsequently the object with which our physique is connected also gets lost. For instance, when i wrote to Sri Babuji that 'there is no relevance of subtle or casual body for me', he then wrote to me that the body has it's form & name, but when the object of it has gone out of the mind, then how could i be conscious of my subtle & causal bodies.
He furthur told me about another unique divine condition-'forgetfullness' ,which is bestowed by him to the abyasi again as a reward for his 'submission' to him. In this conditon as he wrote to me, as i also experienced the same, ' you will not be able to recollect any living being or have memories of anyone, how so ever close he/she may be to you unless you are especially reminded about it' . I also felt the same ,when i wrote to him that 'i'am completely drowned in his divine showers and not consious of my own being,then how could i be consious of or see the physique of anyone else.
In this condition when i spoke to any abyasi i felt that HE was calling his name through my mouth.I could become aware of it when the abyasi expressed his experiences that he felt good & i had talked to him nicely.

This condition can again be the result of 'living in the submissive mood'. Subsequently, this feeling also vanishes and the need for 'atma nivedan' is also not felt anymore. It is so bacause when Sri Babuji maharaj has accepted the atma nivedan of his abyasi children, thereafter it appears that offer of atma is getting laya or lost in paramatma. The soul then turns into it's real form of jivatma after it's 'SAM ARPAN'. This is the beginning of surrender.It automatically goes on and the abyasi gets the experience of merging 'ATMA TATV' in 'PARAMATMA TATV' .

Now you may be inclined to know what happenes after the surrender of self is over.So, i may tell you that after this, the abyasi gets drowining effect and is bestowed the condition of 'Sahaj Gati' by Sri Babuji maharaj .

After providing a darshan of these conditions and feelings which subsequently become laya in Sri babuji maharaj the abyasi begins to have the inner feeling of the condition of 'SAHAJ SAMADHI' in his inner.

The greatest effect & experience of Sri Babuji maharaj's teaching is that the feelings & glory of divine conditions flow in him and all experiences also become laya in him.
I hope you realise how difficult it is to express in words the work of master.Realise that silently though efficiently he takes us, abyasis, forward towards the ultimate goal of life.
As an abyasi advances on the spiritual path, he/she experience the successive divine conditions.
However, if you would write and express your own conditions,you remaine quite unaware of the fact whether you were writing your own condition or just describing the condition of conditions.

Dear brother's & sister's, do keep in mind what the master said,"i have asked the abyasis to live always in a meditative mood  & only this should be their daily abyas".
Remain in laya with the rememberance of the divine, performing all daily activities.

Also,"Whenever you feel the presence of Sri babuji, in your inner or around you, and feel his divine transmission, allow your whole system to be completely drowned in it".

The significance of such practice or living in a meditative mood, is that you shall enjoy the benefit meditation,of being in constant rememberance and surrender.
This is infact, the reward from Sri babuji for the successsful efforts of the abyasis.
In addition to this reward, master also brings a change in the abyasi which may be defined as an 'act of theft'.
You may wonder what is this reward and  theft?

Reward,  it is because sri babuji maharaj appears in our inner with full divinity as a result of our submission & surrender.
An act of theft, because he steals from our inner, 'our ego' and we never notice or feel we have lost anything, hence an act of theft.
The truth being, he makes his appearance consiously and we feel and experience it, losing unconsiously what we never dreamt about.
With the attainment of this spiritual condition we begin the first step of our yatra to the Ultimate-Anant yatra.

I 'am confident, that my brother's & sister's will also pass through the very divine conditions that i have, which repeatedly call in my inner, for all abyasis, they will be blessed with the blissful condition of layaawasta in sri babuji maharaj.
Then your heart will become a mirror in which you can see anyone with purity  & clarity.This will automatically lead you in developing 'Brotherhood' with all it's purity as master has said, 'In my mission, Universal Brotherhood' is it's life'.
I have also experienced that without attaining a condition whatever transformation we adher to only remains externally.Hence we should always drown in the divine present in our inner,which will enable you to acheive all the conditions essential in sadhana.
Babuji said, 'connect yourself through you Dhyan with him, who is full of divivne fragrance, then you will definetly reap the highest results'.
HE also said, love cannot be expressed in words, it is a reality which cannot be explained.

May you all be blessed with the capability to make submission and to surrender, your very existence and be blessed with his divine grace.It is my earnest prayer to him.
My best wishes and blessings to all.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Attention Towards Our Goal

An abyasi's transformation can be seen in his/her etiquette, actions, character refining, way of life,... all this reflecting his spiritual advancement. The attitudinal changes or the behaviour pattern is in the right path,conductive to spiritual advancement.

I feel that it is upto the expectation, hence the need for the induvidual 's introspection, modification and moderation.I would therefore touch a few essential aspects of practice which require your immediate attention
For advancement in spirituality an abyasi should develop love towards divinity.
How does one develop it? Though it seems easy,practically it is difficult. 'Love' is not created, ti develops in a natural way.It begins naturally when the feeling of 'self' or 'ego' diminishes, in an individual.Here, i'am reminded of a few lines of Saint kabir's poem.

" kabira yeh ghar prem ka, khala ka ghar nahin,
Shih utare bhuin dhare,tab patha yeh mahen".

Implying, our inner is the real place of divine love and it is not one to be contented with acquisition of worldly wealth.
To acquire a way to love, and to get completely drowned in it, can be attained when you shed 'self' or 'Ego' from your mind and heart. When this is transcended, divine love will naturally develop in your inner, and babuji maharaj will reveal himself, then your living will be in 'the light of divinity' replacing the darkness of ego'.
Sri babuji said that abyasis requested him to remember them,to which he replied that he had descended to remember them,but they did not provide him and opportunity to fulfil his wish.He simply meant that they were deeply engrossed in other issues and they could not feel it though he remembered them.
Babuji said, 'if you aspire to realise me, live in me". He always emphasised that sahaj marg was a way of living,and not a mechanical system.

Dear sister's and brother's i can let you know certain hints in the form of do's and don'ts though the practise of which you can accelerate your spiritual progress and attain god.

1. Develop love towards Babuji maharaj, the divine personality.
I advise you to first devlop love towards the member's of your family.Treat elder's with affection humility, simplicity, tolerence,submission and affection instead of prejudice, anger, hatred,fear,discourtesy.
Your behaviour with abyasi brother's and sister's should be as expected by Babuji. Feeling of superiority or being a junior based on your being in sahaj marg should not arise. Every abyasi is assessed on the basis of his depth of devotion,sensitivity, aletness and the overall transformation of his/her personality and living.
Whenever you feel any spiritual experiance share it with others. Motivate them, and help them to progress.

2. Your behaviour with non-abyasis, genral public should be so moral,virtuous,simple, ostentious,impressive and conspicious like that of a true abyasi of Sri babuji maharaj.
Bringing about this change in self may look difficult ,to make it simple i advise you to get rid of the habt of finding fault in other's. Be it member's of the family,abyasis, preceptor's,non-abysis, who ever it might apply to.
If this habit is left unchecked, and is habituated, it leaves an impression in your inner and retards your spiritual progress.
Dr. K.C Varadachari once asked Babuji why, he was taking all of genral public into the mission, without any discrimination of being good or bad?.
To which master replied, if i'am to take all of them to be good and perfect why in the first place do they need to come to him?.
Moreover,babuji maharaj, has descended between us to take us to the Ultimate. All being his creation, he could not discriminate.He was not looking at the abyasis defects and weakness to take them. His system is to transform them to the best provided they are sincere and
We should learn to forgo the habit of finding fault with or criticising others.I have observed not only abyasis but also preceptor's making complaints to babuji, for instance, a preceptor complaing that an abyasi has not come to him for sittings. Babuji replied that instead of complaining, he should find the reasons for his attitude, what qualities of the other preceptor attracted the abyasi, and to try modify himself so they come to avail his duties as a preceptor too.

3. Do not waste your time. Utilise every moment for attaining your goal.Though Babuji has prescribed time for meditation, prayer and cleaning, he has also emphasised the need of Constant rememberance. It is very essential because the flow of divine power/transmission is constant.Through Constant rememberance, we can maintain a constant connection with him.It also acts as self regulatory awareness for all thoughts and actions which might cause drawbacks in your progress,all this is will be nullfied and it will not effect you.
During Bhandar's and Utsav celebrations,after genral meditations, preceptor's used to give sittings so as to furthur install the feeling of divinity in the abyasis,to drown them in divine grace, with the thoughts of the abysis towards divinity, they experience their spiritual benefits. In absence of which, abysis would indulge in worldy affairs depriving themselves of spiritual advancement.
Sri Babuji maharaj, also adviced the preceptor's to keep the abyasis busy in discussions of matters pertaining to divinity, in order to devolp devotion to divintiy inthem and to attain their goal.Through constant rememberance, alertness will be bestowed, by which they can feel spiritual experiences, being in constant divine flow.
Otherwise they maybe creating obstacles through worldy thoughts,losing spiritual benefits.

4. Instead of attempting to change externally, aspire to entertain right thoughts,involve yourself in the right actions,in order structure the mind to sustain the divine qualitites in daily life as expected by an abyasi of Sri Babuji.
Here i'am reminded of Sri Babuji's message in Ahmedabad." so far you have been doing as directed by your mind,now your mind should follow your directions.
Hence, dear brother's and sister's, i wish that for your speedy spiritual advancement and to bring about your quick transformation in personal and social life, you should devlop yourselves and let other's devlop spiritualy.Every induvidual abyasi's spiritual devlopment will be a contribution towards qualitative devlopment of Sri babuji's work.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thought Power

Creation is only a distortion of the original thought, say the great sages, yes it is the truth.

As the idea "let be" was included in the Original thought, there is a direct flow of the divine energy into it.Vibrations are generated in the thought current after the concept of duality got into the thought force and the single current started breaking up into many, the one becoming two, three and so on, ultimately scattering into hundreds
The mistake we commit is that we drift away from the natural thought current and our ego makes us the "Originator" of every thought current that is generated from the main natural force, and we turn ourselves towards unnaturality and assume to be the Creator of every thought current generated.

It is for this reason that we stray afar while remaining separated from the natural force and and distortions get developed in our thought. Since we are far removed from the existence (Astitva) moving helplessly in diversity, we become powerless and despondent.We simply go on adding impurities to our thoughts.In this way, we are nourishing in our distortions and today the distortions alone are flourishing in us.

Distorted thought is a poison which after polluting the mind gradually spreads to the heart.By and by, it spreads to the whole system. As there was delay in getting the idea of "let be", the distorted thoughts began to solidify and it's evil effects affected the entire system.

Shri Babuji maharaj has reintroduced that Original thought, in our meditational practice. During our meditation, he continuously transmits , connecting us with the divine energy that is present in the heart .He fills our hearts with the remembrance of that prominent relationship, of Jiva(self) and the Ultimate with the essence of Absolute union.
Bowing the head slightly and feeling the presence of Master in his heart , the abyasi begins to taste the ambrosial bliss.By receiving the divine energy that is constantly flowing through Master, remaing in an absorbed state at meditation , all the self created and widely scattered complexities, ego gradually start melting away and the return from ' Diversity to Unity ' commences.
It is only by his grace that one day we enter the original current, which is shown in the Central portion of the emblem(mission's emblem).
Only when Sri Babuji purifies our thoughts, we realise the various forms of diversity assumed by us.

In our meditation, he helps us to move with the divine current and fills our thoughts with the desire to return to our homeland. As a result our thoughts which will be full of divine remembrance now converge into one and become dedicated to him alone.
We do not know why and how, but we find that our faith, love and surrender are simply dedicated to our Sri Babuji, who constantly bestowes on us the divine energy and it is natural we begin to feel our connection with him alone.
The mystery something of which I'm able to now understand is that we can attain the highest reaches of spiritual progress through him alone, only connecting ourselves with him , the Special personality who is presently working on this earth for the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Once the mergence in the Master is achieved , the materiality of the entire system starts melting away.

The speciality of our meditation,as i find, is that the divine connection spreads automatically to every particle in us with the divine energy flowing out.

As a result, our thoughts, actions, speech, living etc, get molded in a very natural way and assume a simple and balanced state.
What a yogic wonder is reveled to us. Melting the circle of ego one after the other, the divine power causes the (subtle) form of the Sat guru Sri babuji to descend and unfold itself in our hearts. The day dawns when by and by we experience the mergence of our Original form (Jiva) in the Atma (Ultimate).

Progressing further, the master himself gives the hint of the atma to remain absorbed (drowned) in meditation of the Ultimate.
While traveling in this sphere of the atma, a day comes when the condition unfolds and unknowingly we start merging the atma in the ultimate.
A question lingers, ‘where is the atma and with whom’? Until now, the atma was within us and now having crossed the boundary, we have merged in it. It is by the grace of Sri Babuji, that we become aware of the divine nature unfolding before us, and now having crossed the boundary we have merged in itself.
The Atma perceiving the Ultimate, before it, from the Atma of the Ultimate, both involuntarily begin to merge in the Ultimate”.
Our expansion automatically becomes one with that of ’Macrocosm of the Ultimate‘ and the condition of forgetfulness crosses it’s boundary.
Then comes the centre from where we have drifted away from the Original thought current, that had settled below, allowing our Ego to ‘become the originator of diverse thought currents’The ego, it’s centre and everything connected to it now disappear.
In retrospect, Kabir had said, the occupant (Ego) is gone, the tent (center) looted.

What a divine empire is spread out before us? What a divine vision enabling the perception of the self merging into the one, omnipresent. What a divine Magic it is that we are not even aware as to who is merging in whom? Who can have such a divine vision? Who can show us except Sri Babuji, our divine master such total dissolution (Mahaparalaya) of the individual self.
Sri Babuji’s service and his divine capacity is available to the whole of mankind. His will being, to enable man to realize the ultimate.

When divine vibrations are generated in a man’s mind and body by his will power then to this extent, vibrations are produced in him, grossness and other impurities are surfaced up in the form of thoughts. These impurities cannot have their way back to the heart.
In this way all the impurities are cast away gradually and the entire system becomes resplendent with divine effulgence.

May the special personality who has now descended as ‘Sri Babuji Maharaj ‘continue to inspire us through ages and help man in his spiritual evolution .

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Essence of laya awasta & Advancement

Sri babuji wrote to me that after laya awasta begins, the abyasi begins to live in the condition of ‘living dead’.It implies, that though physically he remains living, he is unconscious of his thoughts and actions because of his complete droning in him.
He further wrote until the laya awasta becomes complete, both the cause i.e,’ the rememberance’ of the aspirant by Sri babuji and the changing spiritual condition in the aspirant as a result of constant reflection of the divine power in him, go side by side.
When laya awasta is completed, then the aspirant is bestowed with the condition of ’Negation from Negation.It so happens because he then gets completely lost in that in which he was drowned and forgets in whom he was drowned.
Sri babuji has said, laya awasta opens the door of divinity for you. It is needless to mention here that in meditation there is no laya awasta.
Meditation is simply the first step on the path of spiritual journey.
Laya awasta of the aspirant in the divine being starts with the beginning of dissolution of the Self(ego), through our constant and humble offering of it to him.

I may also point out here the fine distinction which exists between ‘Laya awasta' and ‘Merging’.
Firstly, ’Merging’ is the result of ’Laya awasta’. Merging, is of the divine personality, in the aspirant of a very high calibre.
Secondly, ’Laya awasta’ is attained by the abyasi –in the divine personality(Sadguru).
Thirdly, while attainment of layaawasta by the abyasi is a spiritual condition in our sadhana-meant for all and an essential pre-requisite for the realization of the goal.
‘Merging’, on the other hand is not meant for all – a rare gift from nature.
It is bestowed only for a specific purpose and that too when its need as felt by nature.
Through the various dictates given to Sri Babuji Maharaj, by Swami vivekanand and Lord Krishna, we know that Sri Lalaji Maharaj had "merged" in Sri babuji with the "sole purpose of protecting his physical body to bear the force of Divine Power flowing from the source and to give expansion to that power according to the requirement for the work and the bearing capacity of his physical body".
This is the sole purpose of merging ever since creation started.
Always bear in mind that ‘merging’ is not for all.It happens at nature’s call and not as a rule of law or convention.
After bestowing the condition of laya awasta to me, Sri babuji wrote to me, “ On account of your laya awasta, your causal body, subtle body and soul all have dissolved in me and you have attained the stage of ‘Oneness with the Divine’. Now whatever remains in your inner is just ‘My Remembrance’ which will continue to take work through you ".
I may thus tell you here that ‘His Remembrance’ is ‘His Subtle Form’ which is now working for the Upliftment of Humanity’.

Let me at this stage clarify to you all in clear words that the ‘Subtle Form’ here should not be understood to mean the ordinary subtle form which is in the inner core of every human being .The real meaning of subtle body of the divine may be understood only when with the grace of Sri babuji you are blessed with the feeling that you are omnipotent and omnipresent.
The dwelling place of this Subtle form of the divine personality is then, the inner core of such abyasis/preceptors who have attained laya awasta.i.e., ‘Oneness with him’. Hence Sri babuji has always emphasized the need for attaining laya awasta. He said, ‘ Only laya awasta paves the way for the realization of the Ultimate’, without attaining laya awasta, that stage is not possible.
It was probably int this context that after granting permission to me to work as a preceptor, he told me, “Work of high standard can be done only when your thought for the progress of the aspirant’s spiritual advancement will be the same intensity as it was for your advancement". In that case, your subtle body will automatically remain active in the inner of every abyasi and their progress will be specially speeded up.It will be consistent and constant.

We have proof of this also. Let me recall that Sri Lalaji’s dictates to Sri Babuji on (26/01/44) “ "During my lifetime my subtle body was present in everybody which ensured their security and brought their spiritual progress.With my spiritual veiling, subtle bodies also went with me and they became devoid of these blessings".
The subtle bodies went with the physical veiling of Sri lalaji sahib simply because as Sri babuji has reveled that except himself no other abyasi had laya awasta in him.
Of course, Sri lalaji sahib had vested them with all capabilities of a true seeker, except laya awasta.

Bout Sri Babuji, Sri Lalaji Shaeb had however clearly expressed, ‘When he came to me, he had complete laya awasta’.
As a proof of this to humanity, he had reveled, ’When Ram chander was only six days old ,I gave transmission from the Divine Source and he was able to absorb it completely’.

Hence it is quite obvious that without laya awasta no place can be found in the abyasis and preceptors wherein the subtle form of the Sadguru may stay in, although it’s presence is very essential for doing his work. The very touching of the ‘Subtle Form’ by the mind, in your inner starts the flow of his Divine transmission in such an effective way that neither the aspirants nor the preceptors ever become conscious of the feeling that the sadguru has taken Mahasamadhi and is not in existence. He never feels loneliness because no gap exists and his subtle form thereafter acts as the controlling agency. The divine work thus continues and shall continue forever.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Purpose Of Life And Death

Truly speaking it is quite natural & essential for us to know what is the real purpose of life and death? Is it only to eat , drink and make merry as people commonly perceive it to be?
Let me clearly state, it is definitely not. It has a much higher goal than this.

As abyasis of Sri Ram Chandra, we all are aware that Sri Babuji maharaj has set our highest goal of life as " To Realise The Ultimate " and the purpose of death "To get Freedom From Rebirth" i.e, to break the bondage of death forever.
We are also aware that the events of birth, life & death are linked with our physical body,(which means the five destructive physical elements). This physical body does not conform to our real form.
Shri Babuji maharaj quite often said,'abyasis come to see me, but they go back 'without really seeing me'. By this he meant that the ultimate reality which we have to see and realise is beyond the physical body.
He said, that the reality of human beings is covered under numerous layers of coverings of our samskaras -worldy impressions. Only through our sincere and honest practise of meditation, (sadhana), prescribed under sahaj marg system, these coverings are gradually removed and a feeling of 'nearness' to him in our inner, begins.
This subsequently results in our deep absorbancy in his rememberance and finally laya awasta (merging) in the divine personality of Shri Babuji maharaj is attained. Keping the abyasi within his divine sankalp shri babuji takes him to the ultimate reality.How he actually takes the abyasi to this ultimate goal providing direct experiences, feeling the subtlest conditions of each and every stage has been described by me, by his benevolence in the five volumes of Anant yatra.
If we can have inner laya in our sadhana,in such a way that our materialistic coverings get dissolved in it, then our death wil get immortality.It is the highest condition of 'Forgetfullness of self'. We forget our physical existance in such away that our mind never recollects or feels an impulse of it.
It breaks the bondage of death forever and the soul becomes free & the real purpose of life is achieved . Shri babuji has always emphasized the abyasis to devlop intense craving and deep absorbancy in meditation for attaining the highest condition of "Forgetfullness".
Saint kabir has also said " Do such an act (live such a life)that death could never be multiplied".

I fully recollect the day i wrote to shri babuji," i do not know what wonder my master has done for me that at whatever condition i am , whenever i look at my physical self, it seems as if it is a moving skeleton, with which i have no relationship".Whenever anyone calls "Kasturi", i do not know who replies "yes". I'am never aware of it. This condition of forgetfulness, is an indication that our condition has been transformed into it's original pious, ego-less state.
"It is in this condition that the problem of death should never come again", and this divine condition appears in our vision.
Subsequently shri babuji maharaj begins to unfold the real purpose of life. i.e, freedom from life,which according to him means we should return back to our original home, from where we had come.
This secret of reality of life, begins to reveal and the path is opened before us. We also constantly get a feeling of patting from Shri Babuji maharaj's gracious hands on our foreheads.
Do you know why, mearly it is because in this 'lifeless life' or 'ego less life' , no one else comes within our focus except him and then we go so deep in this feeling that a natural craving persists that 'where ever i see , there u are'.
This being the beginning of the condition of real surrender.Master says, "Surrender is not made-it comes naturally".
It is for this reason, that now we become incapable to link ourselves with thoughts or feelings. Thereafter whatever condition felt, comes in the course of surrender, naturally.
Even today, i recollect i wrote to babuji maharaj, that it seems to me that whatever coverings of ego were in me, were removed, and i feel, as if i have become a divine form.Then, when i felt this highest condition,which after just giving a feeling of touch to me, it (merged)laya in babuji maharaj, and i was just standing there taken aback.

Truly speaking, the reality is, in the history of spirituality that there is no mention of how one can realize this higher stage from where I have come, that being, the Ultimate-Origin.
It is an indication of the fact that ever since the dawn of creation, no one has reached that stage.
Saint Kabir, after attaining god realization condition has only said, “In between the limited and unlimited he has taken a lasting rest”
In his religious compositions, (Bhajans) he has only described his divine experiences upto the condition of God realization only.

Through the practice of sahaj marg sadhana at the divine feet of our beloved Sri Babuji Maharaj, when I had attained the divine condition of realization, sri babuji gave me a dip in the godly power and put me in satyapad and awakened divine consciousness in me.
Only then I could find myself drowned in the condition of ‘Parshad’ and I was standing like a watchman at the door of ‘Central region’, which was before me as an ‘Infinite Ocean Of Divinity’.
When shri Babuji maharaj took me in his heart and made my entry into the Central region, he wrote to me saying, “I’ am happy that you have entered the Central region”.
This is my lalaji’s benevolence and careful attention for you that you have been bestowed with entry into this higher region. Although the only precondition for an abyasi to become capable of getting entry onto this region is laya awasta, which means that neither ‘self’ (khud) is there, nor the godly condition (khudhai) is there. It is in this divine condition, an abyasi becomes capable of gaining entry in the central region. It is needless to mention that this unique divine condition is only bestowed on us by Sri Babuji Maharaj. Firstly, he removes our ego and bestows laya awasta in himself and then gives us ‘Realisation of the Ultimate’. There after he wrote to me, ‘the purpose of life is now solved’.

Dear brother’s and sister’s, Sri Babuji’s gracious benevolent loving hands are even today waiting to take you within his fold. Avail the opportunity of this unique time, so that the purpose of life and death maybe solved forever.
May he bless all of you with requisite devotion and dedication to attain this goal.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Babuji --- The Ultimate

One and Only One : We cannot but help wonder what,how and who such a one is?
Whatever effects a Yoga(conjunction) with him gives the impression, of being some what different,but he remains just the same, just what he is.

The 'only one' is he, who is the source and also who has no end. Since we are drawn out into existence through the power of his will, it is clear that he inheres in us, as the cause of our being.That we are connected with him is also amply borne out by the phenomenon that we start using the concept of 'Thou' for him along with the concept of 'I' for ourselves as soon as we come into existence.

"It is however remarkable that as long as he remains in our view of addressing as 'Thou' our whole being appears to be dyed in his colour and to emit only his glow".

But as we drift from the origin(according to the law of nature,the process of multiplication and division gets triggered and we start moving away from the origin), grossness which is the cause of our drift from reality keeps on covering our manas(psyche),Buddhi(intellect),Chit(consciousness).

The duration of our separation from the origin also produces in us the power to create plurality.Very soon, a day comes forth, forgetting our real existence, we start identifying ourselves with a particular form in which our 'shrunken' , real existence, now gets embedded.

The drift comes to a halt only when we start keeping our inner self, drowned in remembrance only of the 'Origin' or 'Source'.
The effort to do so is called sadhana(Spiritual practice).
Our power which is scattered in the externals has to be pulled back from the many (attractions)and gathered together in our own inner self. For this purpose,we use the means of meditation focusing only on the union with the 'Only one'.

To the extent we succeed in doing , we feel that we have been able to 'meditate well'.

Having withdrawn itself from the many,our attention becomes one-pointed and makes us restless for the realisation of our sole goal.

Our sadhna(spiritual practice),thus begins with the idea that 'He is mine'.Continued absorption in that idea for longer and longer periods matures and transforms that idea into it's real condition.In other words,we begin to feel that we have become his ,that our affinity with him has been established.In due course this anubhava (experience or intuitonal perception) of semeepya (proximity with him) becomes constant.This signifies that our initial idea has now blossomed in the feeling that he has already become ours.It is only then that we begin to feel that we have become his . We also come to regard him as being our dearest, strange that it may appear,even now, we do not have any idea of 'how' or 'who' he is. Thus bringing proof that our relation with him is an original and abiding one and we begin to feel it as such.
It is a common experience that new relationships or an increase in the no of relationships dims our memory of the older relationships,however forgotten, do not die. Though often, they rise up to the surface of our consciousness, but new relationships keep them submerged.
Even then he repeatedly tries to awaken in us the recollection of the one(goal), but we do not always readily find a sadguru, who, after energizing our consciousness with his power, can take us by the hand and removing all obstacles lead us in that direction .Through his unfailing will,he pours the divine current in the innermost core of our being,cleansing ,purifying it thoroughly that our hearts begin to dance at the realisation of our real relationship with the ultimate.

It is this phenomenon which enables us to recognize him as a true satguru.
It is the divine flow of pranahuti,which babuji transmits to the hearts of the abyasis. The realization that he is our’s brings in us that we have become his, and we begin to feel accordingly, and it being not just our imagination.
We do infact become his, after we perceive the real relationship between us and the goal.
Now, we have become restless to know how he is, where he is, and when we shall have him?
It is only time and coverings of grossness of our samskaras, which stand in the way. It is these intervening impediments which had blocked our perception of how he is.
As a matter of fact, gradually our attention gets withdrawn from the Plurality around, and fixes itself on him, that this entire world begins to disappear from our sight, altogether.
Having lifted itself ( mind)above this material world and having become restless in it’s search for the one(Origin), our mind begins to move to his kingdom.

As our desire becomes unified and gains one pointedness, our restlessness to achieve our goal without delay becomes uncontrollable.
Our intense desire for union with him compels our mind to use all the power it can muster, for searching, reaching him. Gradually, the restlessness to realize him gathers such a momentum that the covering of our ego loosen and drop off.
Lightness in us becomes constant and we come to feel as if we have almost become one with him. We now have the spectacle of him at one end, we, separated from him in a state of deep meditation longingly, peering at him, from the other end, immersed with the one thought of union with him. In course of time, we begin to doubt whether we had ever been disassociated from him although in fact, we still remain disassociated.
In the midst of this condition, master’s direct reflection starts reaching us and we tend to assert that his form itself has become our’s.
The moment we begin to feel that we have taken on his appearance, we also begin to realize that we have started acquiring his power and pervasiveness. Now, it is only him who remains perceptible to us.
Realization, for the ‘One and Only one’, is all that we in our system need to do, and to practice meditation diligently fixing our sights only on the ‘Only One’. Thus firmly entrenched ,we automatically get the further related condition of Ati Samepya (Close proximity),
Which makes us aware of the depth, purity of the relationship between Jeeva and Ishwar? ( Soul and the Supreme).

For any sadhana to be fruitful, one of the essential requirements is to have only one goal before us.
Generally, in the initial stages of our sadhana, we have a number of desires besides that of having him. Therefore the mere fact that we have started the sadhana does not make us true sadhaks (aspirants), immediately. We become true sadakhs (aspirants), only when we begin to live in such total absorption with the sole desire of realizing him, that we become oblivious of everything else.
Even when we proceed with our sadhana, we find that our attention gets divided into a number of attractions. "The only solution to this problem is to remain devoted to the goal".
If any other desire or attraction tries to overpower us, we should think that the desire has come our way only because it is helpful in the realization of our dearest one.
In other words, when other objects start attracting us, the attraction should be disconnected from those objects and linked to our goal. If we continue with this practice, it does happen that ‘Realization of Him’ becomes the centre of all our desires.
The practice of constant reminding to ourselves that our sole linking or desire is for ‘Union with our dearest’ alone, does necessarily lead us to the state when our attraction or desire for various objects automatically turns towards the realization of our goal.